This snack will bring you right back to your childhood

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You know the kind of snack you would find in your lunchbox and were supposed to keep for last, but always ate first anyway?

For Ian, Hippie Snacks’ Founder, it’s Sesame Snaps.  “The sesame snap is a classic snack from our childhood,” says Ian. “We knew there was room for improvement in terms of nutrition.”

Classic Product, New Healthy Taste

After months of research and development work, we came up with the winning recipe for our Organic Sesame Snacks. We managed to make a better-for-you Sesame Snack, with our own Hippie twist. So what’s so different?

For starters, our Sesame Snacks are made from black and white sesame seeds. Sure, black and white makes for a stylish look, but the black sesame seeds actually provide calcium and fibre—2g of fibre, compared to zero in the leading brand.

Sesame Seeds contain a fullness-inducing trifecta of fiber, protein and fat. They are also a good source of calcium, magnesium and iron. Being high in zinc, they help boost the immune system.

sesame snacks

It also contains 35% less sugar than said leading brand. Plus it’s not just the amount of sugar, it’s the type of sugar that makes the difference. Instead of straight up white sugar, we use coconut sugar to sweeten each bar. All of this, plus a hint of Himalayan crystal salt, and you’ve got yourself a tasty and nutrient-packed snack.

“Just plain yummy”

The feedback from our customers is astounding: people think they taste a lot lighter, less sticky, and a lot less sweet than what they were used to in a sesame snack bar. Oh, and what’s great about this healthy organic snack is that it’s priced at just under $1.

Our Sesame Snacks also featured in Canadian Grocer. Here’s what the editors had to say in their Vegan Snack Attack piece: “Hippie Snacks—a B.C. based brand that’s found success with snack lines like Coconut Clusters, Veggie Clusters and Grain-free Granola—has now launched a new Organic Sesame Snack. Boasting significantly less sugar than other similar snacks on the market, Hippie Snacks’ version is made with crunchy white and black organic sesame seeds and is sweetened with coconut sugar.”

Quick Bites for Snack Attacks

Whether you feel a snack attack coming on post-yoga, packing your kids’ lunches, or on your way to a business meeting, our new Organic Sesame Snack is the perfect energy boost.

Grab them at your nearest store or shop them online.

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