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About Hippie Snacks – Organic Health Snack Producers

Hi. I’m Ian Walker President of Hippie Snacks and the parent company Left Coast Naturals – an organic grocery distributor. We currently have about 50 employees and one great office dog named Chili. So, here’s our story. It all started in Burnaby, BC, Canada with an “aha” moment and a desire to do things differently.

The idea of Hippie Snacks originated way back in 2005 when we were distributing another brand of tortilla chips. That brand was not selling as well as it should have been, and when our sales reps asked the retailers why, their comment was “why would this sell any better than the other brands out there? They all taste about the same”.

This was a bit of an “aha” moment for us, and we decided there was a different way to make tortilla chips. As we began to play with different ideas, the core concept that kept coming back to us was that there were very few foods made from whole food ingredients that also tasted great. We knew that Real Food Tastes Better!

We ended up inventing several new flavours of tortilla chips, and we named them Hippie Chips because they celebrated that 1960s movement of eating natural foods and keeping real whole foods in our diet.

We realized we were on to something by creating “Hippie” twists on traditional snacks. We then tried our hand at Grain-Free and Ancient Grain Granolas and Coconut Chips – to awesome fanfare. Next we took the leap into raw foods with Veggie Clusters. The great feedback kept coming in (and still is – thank you!) Hippie Snacks had become quite the vibrant (and sometimes quirky) family of products.

Our entire company believes in doing what’s best. This includes the way we do business. We embrace the whacky collection of individuals that we are, all while having fun! We don’t just work together – we genuinely care about and support each other, and want to help each other grow personally and professionally. Our commitment is not just making great food and serving our customers, but also to doing it in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

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