We believe in running a sustainable business, being good neighbours and giving back to the community where we live, work and play. We feel that business has an obligation to be a positive contributor to society.

Charitable Donations

Annually, we donate a minimum of 5% of our profits to community projects that have a positive, lasting impact on the environment and/or youth. We focus our charitable donations in these two areas because we believe they provide the fundamental building blocks for future generations. Some of the charities and organizations we are proud to be involved with include the Take A Hike Foundation, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Canadian Trade Association.


Beyond supporting our community with money and product donations, we feel it’s very important to invest our personal time and effort. We provide each of our employees with three paid days off per year to volunteer in the community.

Food Bank Donations

To provide healthy food options to those in need, we also donate food to local food banks including Quest, Friends in Need and City Reach Care Society.

Our People

We recognize that profits are essential in creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security. However, creating a successful business and fostering a respectful workplace where everyone is valued are not mutually exclusive goals. We empower our employees and appreciate collaborative, open communication. We take a personal interest in those who work for us, and encourage personal development outside the office. Our values are exemplified by the range of employee benefits we offer including some stuff other companies don’t do (but probably should):

Paid community service days

Environmental cash incentives for cycling, walking or taking public transit to work, carpooling, buying organic groceries, buying a new bike or alternative energy vehicle, car co-op membership and environmental home improvements.

Monthly onsite massages

Weekly group circuit training in our on-site gym

Healthy organic breakfast program

Hippie Snacks

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