Food philosophy

Committed to High Quality, Healthy, Organic Snacks

We are committed to High Quality, Certified Organic & Non-GMO ingredients, all sourced from sustainable farmers and processors. Our snacks and cereals are minimally processed, nutrient dense and have short ingredients lists with things you can pronounce.

Food made right can make the world a better place on many levels. That’s why we’re very particular about the types of ingredients we use in our products. In making good decisions, it not only benefits you, but also the farmers, the community and the planet.

We believe in being transparent and accountable to you regarding the principles we follow when selecting ingredients and producing the foods we manufacture and distribute. Whenever possible we use ingredients that are:

Certified Organic

Organic food is more than just another food claim. It represents a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices that produce superior tasting foods without the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It’s the kind of food we want to eat and the kind of relationship we want to have with the planet, so why would we treat you any differently.

Non GMO Project Verified

Likewise, we’re not down with being anyone’s science experiment. Our commitment to Non-GMO is 100%. All of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified, which means you will never find an ingredient in our food that has been genetically engineered for any reason. Read the full policy.

Real Food

Real food ingredients are as close as possible to the plants they come from: nothing added and nothing taken away. This ensures they are brimming with flavour and nutrient packed.

Fair Trade & Fair Deal

We believe in the fair trade/fair deal movement and its positive impact on farmers around the world. It promotes fair economic return, dignity, and a safe and healthy work environment.

Local & Direct

When we buy local, we help strengthen our local economy, build our community and reduce our environmental footprint. We believe in connecting with the farmer who grows our food. This minimizes handling and ensures the farmers who grow the products receive a better deal.

Sustainable Farmers & Processors

We purchase from suppliers and growers who support sustainable business practices. As part of our supplier selection process, we carefully investigate suppliers’ growing, processing, transportation and human resource practices.

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