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Committed to High Quality, Healthy, Organic Snacks

Food Philosophy

We are committed to High Quality, Certified Organic & Non-GMO ingredients, all sourced from sustainable farmers and processors. Our snacks and cereals are minimally processed, nutrient dense and have short ingredients lists with things you can pronounce.

Food made right can make the world a better place on many levels. That’s why we’re very particular about the types of ingredients we use in our products. In making good decisions, it not only benefits you, but also the farmers, the community and the planet.

We believe in being transparent and accountable to you regarding the principles we follow when selecting ingredients and producing the foods we manufacture and distribute. Whenever possible we use ingredients that are:

Certified Organic

Organic food is more than just another food claim. It represents a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices that produce superior tasting foods without the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It’s the kind of food we want to eat and the kind of relationship we want to have with the planet, so why would we treat you any differently.

Non GMO Project

Likewise, we’re not down with being anyone’s science experiment. Our commitment to Non-GMO in 100%. All of our products are Non-GMO Project Certified, which means you will never find an ingredient in our food that has been genetically engineered for any reason. Read the full policy.

Real Food

Real food ingredients are as close as possible to the plants they come from: nothing added and nothing taken away. This ensures they are brimming with flavour and nutrient packed.

Fair Trade & Fair Deal

We believe in the fair trade/fair deal movement and its positive impact on farmers around the world. It promotes fair economic return, dignity, and a safe and healthy work environment.

Local & Direct

When we buy local, we help strengthen our local economy, build our community and reduce our environmental footprint. We believe in connecting with the farmer who grows our food. This minimizes handling and ensures the farmers who grow the products receive a better deal.

Sustainable Farmers & Processors

We purchase from suppliers and growers who support sustainable business practices. As part of our supplier selection process, we carefully investigate suppliers’ growing, processing, transportation and human resource practices.

our community

We believe in sustainability, being good neighbours and giving back to the community where we live, work and play, and that business has an obligation to be a positive contributor to society. Although we are a small company, over the past six years, we have given back well over $133,037 in cash and $102,762 in food donations to help enrich our community.

Charitable Donations

Annually, we donate a minimum of 5% of our profits to community projects that have a positive, lasting impact on the environment and/or youth. We focus our charitable donations in these two areas because we believe they provide the fundamental building blocks for future generations. Some of the charities and organizations we are proud to be involved with include the Take A Hike Foundation, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Canadian Trade Association.


Beyond supporting our community with money and product donations, we feel it’s very important to invest our personal time and effort. We provide each of our employees with three paid days off per year to volunteer in the community.

Food Bank Donations

To provide healthy food options to those in need, we also donate food to local food banks including Quest, Friends in Need and City Reach Care Society.

our people

We recognize that profits are essential in creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security. However, creating a successful business and fostering a respectful workplace where everyone is valued are not mutually exclusive goals. We empower our employees and appreciate collaborative, open communication. We take a personal interest in those who work for us, and encourage personal development outside the office. Our values are exemplified by the range of employee benefits we offer including some stuff other companies don’t do (but probably should):

Paid community service days

Environmental cash incentives for cycling, walking or taking public transit to work, carpooling, buying organic groceries, buying a new bike or alternative energy vehicle, car co-op membership and environmental home improvements.

Monthly onsite massages

Weekly group circuit training in our on-site gym

Healthy organic breakfast program

our planet

At Hippie Snacks, sustainability is at the core of all our decisions; we choose to do the right thing, not just the trendy thing. Sustainability is a never ending process of improvement, not an end goal.

We’re committed to keeping our planet green and have always been concerned about the environment. We manage our impact on the planet by making changes to how we do business and by operating as efficiently as possible. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and have made steps in the right direction, but understand we can and need to do more.

Environmental Footprint Assessment

We feel if you want to decrease your environmental footprint, you must first assess where your biggest impacts exist. Rather than making assumptions about which areas of our business have the largest environmental impact, we hired two independent environmental specialists to conduct a company-wide environmental analysis. Instead of limiting ourselves to assessing our greenhouse gas emissions, we dug deep to look into other environmental factors such as water usage, soil retention, soil health, habitat safety and air quality. We not only looked inside our company, but also analyzed the entire supply chain: from the seed at the farm, to the store where you buy your groceries.  We learned that 80% of our environmental footprint was concentrated in two areas:
1) how the food we sell is grown, and
2 )how it is transported. Learn more about what we did with the findings.

Energy Reduction & Sustainable Transportation

We’re constantly working to reduce our energy and gas consumption to the lowest levels possible and we offer our employees incentives for walking, biking, using public transportation or car-pooling to work. Plus, our office is located one block from public transportation, and we have secure bike storage and shower facilities. Today, over 55% of our employees use alternative modes of transportation. Learn more here.

Green Supply Chain

We choose suppliers that offer sustainable products and services, and support a strong environmental ethic. Assessing the carbon footprint is an important criterion when sourcing suppliers. Whenever possible, we source our ingredients from organic farms and growers. This, in turn, provides support to the environment through our commitment to sustainable agriculture, and by expanding the market for organic products. We buy local whenever possible.

Waste Reduction

Our packaging footprint has been minimized wherever possible including: smaller bags, smaller shipping cases, solvent-free lamination bags and recyclable cardboard. We continually look for eco-friendly packaging materials that meet our performance standards, and look forward to evolving our packaging to more sustainable options, as technology advances.

We have a comprehensive waste management system and our warehouse recycles 100% of all packaging material from supplier shipments, including cardboard, pallet wrap and wooden pallets. Reusable or biodegradable options are used in our kitchen whenever possible.

B Corp: Business as a Force for Good

Benefit Corporations (better known as “B Corps”) are businesses based on a new economic model: one that asks, “How do we use business as a tool for social change?”

At Hippie Snacks, we strongly feel that it’s our responsibility to leave the planet better than we found it, so we looked into various ways to assess ourselves and obtain a meaningful sustainability measurement. We found B Corp to be the best third-party certification process to measure our company on a triple bottom line (people, planet and prosperity), and one that holds its members to task on sustainability. In December 2011, we underwent the rigorous certification process and were awarded B Corp status. We are one of the founding members for B Corp certification in Canada. Read our full report here.

Being a B Corp means our success is measured not just with respect to dollars and cents, but also against a stringent set of standards covering our corporate governance and reporting, how we treat our employees and our community, and our environmental practices. But we’re not content to just talk about having achieved B Corp status. We’re constantly working to improve our scores and our impact on the planet.

This philosophy can make for some hard choices, but we feel it defines the type of business we are.

Learn more about the B Corp vision.


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